Thursday, September 16, 2010

Knock! Knock!

My kids have discovered knock-knock jokes. This is, all at once, both entirely adorable and totally insufferable. As you can see from the following video, the cuteness cannot be denied:

(These are her favorite jokes because: Amanda is my cousin, and one of Lucy's favorite people of all time. Will and Joshua are twins in her class, and also on the 'all time favorite people' list. The 'Will you let me in it's cold outside!' joke came first, and Lucy just assumed that 'Joshua' would work in the joke as well. She's so pretty!)

However, when hearing these same jokes for the 117th time today, well, let's just say it can wear on a person. You can probably pick that up from my voice. That patient, encouraging, loving, but-seconds-away-from-puncturing-my-own-ear-drums tremor that only a mom can understand.

But you know what? Once she's in bed I bet I end up watching this at least a few times.

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1 comment:

tAngeLd315 said...

just too cute! :)