Monday, October 18, 2010

First Haircut

Well, it took three years, one month and twenty-five days, but we finally got Lucy a haircut.


Her ends had gotten pretty ratty, so she was getting lots of knots and tangles. It doesn't help matters that she twists her hair at night. Technically she got her first haircut last week when I had to snip out a giant knot she had created sometime in the wee hours of the morning. But that was an unofficial mom salvage job, not a full fledged trip to the salon.


There aren't many (or any) kids' salons here in Mo-town like there were back in Philly, so I was nervous. She was expecting a place with an indoor playground, televisions at every station and balloons at the end. I asked around and got a recommendation for a place that does well with kids, but it was definitely a regular old grown up salon. Luckily she did pretty well. She refused the hair washing before and blow drying afterwards, but sat stock still for the actual cutting.


In the end, she doesn't look any different. If I hadn't told my husband and parents they wouldn't have noticed. But we had a fun big girl afternoon together, just me and my Lulu, getting our hairs cut. And I think we both look smashing!


One of these has to be my best shot Monday, but I just can't quite decide. It's either the first or the last. For more BSM fun, visit Tracey Clark at Mother May I.

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Megan said...

a great storytelling series:). call them all your BSM.

Arizaphale said...

Ah I remember the first salon haircut. But there were no balloons and playgrounds in MY day (hahaha) in 1998 she sat on a booster chair in the hairdressers normal chair and I read her stories to keep her still! Love these shots. Precious memory.