Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tea for Two, Tea for Three


Yesterday afternoon Lucy, Maggie and I had a tea party. With butter cookies and water in the teapot and everything, which made Lucy the happiest girl in the world. Maggie just kind of watched from a distance with curiosity until I offered her a cookie. Once she joined us, though, she was rapt. As soon as Lucy would put the teapot down, little Maggs would pick it up and mimic her big sister's every move.

After I finished my "tea" I sat back and observed my two girls, playing and talking with each other. A little lump began to rise in my throat, maybe from hormones or just happiness. Why? Because this was why, two years ago, I wanted to have another baby. Just for the chance that I might have two daughters. And to see this wished-for scene unfold in front of my eyes? Well, I'm glad I had the camera on hand because I couldn't see clearly through the tears in my eyes, but I was able to get a few clear shots through my lens.

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Lora said...

Love it.

And I love the tea set! :)

Rebecca aka The Fairy Princess said...

I love the tea set. I just had to look a little closer, that's Curious George under there! So cute. And it looks like maybe Lucas came ready for the tea party with tea cups on her shirt.