Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hopeless Romantics

Because SOB and I are so, so in love, on Valentine's day we went shopping for the most romantic things you could imagine. No, not sexy outfits or jewelry, silly! Counter tops and exercise equipment of course! Aren't those the items that instantly come to mind when thinking about our national holiday for love and romance? No? Really?

Well, let me tell you something. Watching your husband demolish counter tops can have a titillating effect. Unfortunately, my father was his co-worker, so any excitement I may have been feeling was pretty much squashed. And even if it hadn't been, my husband won't come within 40 yards of me at this point in my pregnancy, so it was probably better for me that my dad's presence dampened my libido.

Anyway, starting on Monday evening, with the help of pry bars, saws and brute strength, most of my kitchen looks like this:


I say most because my loving husband (and father) spared me the pain of removing the section of my counter with the sink. While I can tolerate the idea of no sink, i.e. no water (and no dishwasher) in my kitchen for a prolonged period of time, the later we can postpone the dry spell the better. So the sink goes Friday morning. Tell me that isn't romantic?


And if the sight of this beauty in your basement doesn't get you all hot under the collar, well, then you should get checked out by a licensed physician. I can't wait to get all sweaty and worked up on this bad boy!

Here's hoping your manufactured romantic holiday was a lovely as mine!

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Arizaphale said...

Yeah...I think you win the Valentine Game :-)