Monday, February 28, 2011

Work Day

Today is the day. The carpets are getting installed as we speak. The ripping out of the old blue rug is finished, and the guys just hauled the new rug up the stairs. Our bedroom is only a quarter of the size, and a simple square, so that part should be a breeze compared to the girls' rooms. They are hoping to be finished by the end of the day, and I would be as happy as a clam if that comes to fruition.

The counters should be here any minute now, and will supposedly only take three to four hours to install. If that holds true, then my husband will have plenty of time to hook up the plumbing to our sinks (and dishwasher) before he leaves for Ohio tomorrow afternoon. I'll be able to put my toaster and knives and coffee pot back in the kitchen, instead of the hall, dining room and bathroom where they are now. And then I will be as happy as TWO clams.

Here is a before picture of the kitchen:

Stay tuned for the after pics!

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1 comment:

girlymama said...

you MUST do a close up of that divine stove!!! what kind is it???