Wednesday, April 27, 2011

No Cure For the Green Thumb Disease

Even though I just had my fourth kid and we have about sixty-eight things going on at any particular moment, I can not help but dream about some freshly picked tomatoes or a salsa made from my home grown tomatillos. So even though we've barely had time to even think about where to plant the garden, I've started my seeds...


And they're taking over. We've got beans, three types of tomatoes, tomatillos, and carrots. None of my poblanos sprouted, so we'll have to try again.

Plus, we have two cherry trees in the yard that are in full bloom, which is exciting! I hope they fruit.


And as a precaution against the deer, we've planted some peas on the deck:


And some strawberries, which are in one of those upside down planter things. I was skeptical, but it was on clearance, so I figured what the hell. Well, guess who has some baby strawberries growing on her back porch???


With everything sprouting and growing and blooming, it's kind of hard to hate on West Virginia these days.

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1 comment:

Arizaphale said...

You are the consummate gardener my dear. So impressive! I have never fancied growing veggies. Perhaps because I'd have to cook them???? But I do fancy a herb garden. Stay tuned. We are starting to plug away at some home improvements here so maybe a herb garden will be forthcoming???