Friday, May 20, 2011

First Date Jitters

Tonight SOB and I are going on a date! With another couple! Real, live adults, with no kids in sight! Not even Freddie! It's been since before we moved that we actually went out with other people over the age of five.

But even though I'm excited, I'm also nervous. The only couples we've ever been out with we've either known for a very long time, or been related to them. This whole making new friends thing can be tough, especially when taking care of my four kiddos eats up most of my time. Luckily, I met another mom at school, and we seemed to click. After a few playdates and one solo mom lunch date, we're making the leap to couples dating.

Finding good mom friends is so tough. You want to find one with kids in the same age range as yours, so that they can play together, but once you do there is no guarantee that you'll like the parents they're attached to. I've been really lucky in the past to meet some really cool ladies through things like swim class and pre-school, but I've also had a few experiences that weren't so warm and fuzzy. Like that one playgroup we were invited to, where Sam had a blast and I was completely ignored. Or the stroller strides meetings in suburban Atlanta where I was totally rejected for not having a luxury SUV. And since I spend the majority of my day socializing with the pre-K set, I tend to put some lofty expectations on my interactions with people who watched Fraggle Rock when it was on the first time. Mainly on myself, to not screw it up.

Which leads me to the title of this post.

So tonight, while we're out dining with our new friends, I'm counting on you internets, to send me positive vibes. So that I don't talk too much or bring up an uncomfortable subject or get spinach stuck in my teeth or fart or something horrible like that.


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Lora said...

while I've never really ever "dated", I can say with confidence that mom dating is probably way more stressful than the regular kind.

there's lots of dynamics involved.

good luck!

Arizaphale said...

So how did it go? I have found it really hard to find couples that both Himself AND I can relate to. Still waiting for the magic combination....