Monday, August 15, 2011

Guess Who Got Her Ears Pierced?

Since we moved to West Virginia, the subject of Lucy's ears has been a hot topic. My cousin has a daughter who is not much older than Lu, and she has her ears pierced. Other girls her age have their ears pierced. While Lucy has expressed a great deal of interest in earrings, all attempts to get her her own have been thwarted by the girl herself.

Until Saturday.

When my mom and I decided to go and do some school shopping with Lucy, for some reason I thought, "I should put my camera in the car.' But I didn't. And the entire time we were shopping Lucy kept saying, 'I want to get my ears pierced today!' And I said to myself, 'There's no way she is actually going to go through with this today, when I don't have my camera, right Self?'


Guess who is now the proud owner of not one, but TWO pairs of earrings? One of which is actually embedded in her ears! There was much, much loud screaming, and there were tears, and Nunni might have had a wee bit of a racing pulse, but...

My girl is growing up.

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