Thursday, August 04, 2011

Sam VS Lucy: Epic Sibling Front Yard Water Balloon Smackdown

Occasionally I pretend to be a fun mom, and today was one of those days. Why today, you ask? Because my two oldest children were driving me kee-razy. They live to terrorize each other. In doing so, they also terrorize me, but they do they realize that? NO! All day long all they do is fight FIGHT FIGHT! So, in a flash of parenting brilliance, I decided to let them battle it out, literally, on our front lawn. With water balloons.


There was no clear winner, so I had to intervene. That's the purpose of the smaller bowl with only purple and pink balloons: Mom's ammunition. I was able to get out some frustration by throwing things at them and they loved every minute of it! Everyone wins!

Unfortunately, they weren't able to leave it all out on the field, so to speak. The battle raged on even once we came inside, and while there were no bodily casualties, a limited edition re-issue star wars poster sustained some minor injuries. As a result, both parties have been sequestered until mom is done blogging further notice.

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Arizaphale said...

You are f******* hilarious.