Monday, September 12, 2011

Freddie, Month Six

Dear Freddie Buddy -


My sweet, sweet boy. Remember how, at some point during your early days, I promised to kiss you one million times before you turned one? I'm pretty certain I've already achieved that goal. I guess I'll have to try for two million, then. It's just that your face is irresistible to me. And your toes. And tummy. And hands. And elbows.

I should stop now.


With daddy at Nikee and Vinnie's wedding!


Here you are dancin' with Grandma and Nunnie at your Aunt Yan's wedding. In your short six months on this earth you have been to four weddings already! It's been a busy year in our families! Luckily you are a totally party animal, and ultimate babe magnet. If you didn't poop in your pants, you would make an awesome wing man.


I think you may end up crawling soon, which I am so not ok with. First of all, none of your siblings crawled until they were almost one, so I am not physically prepared for independent locomotion. Emotionally? I still support your neck and head like a newborn when I lay you down, despite the fact that your neck muscles are so well developed that your daddy sometimes tosses you up in the air. If you start crawling I may have to curl into the fetal position and sniff some of your sleepers until I calm down.


This is the new game at our house: Is it food? No! That's ok I'll chew on it anyway! As for the real food, you are totally digging it. We've given you squash and peas, and you LOVE them! Tonight you'll get some sweet potato for the first time, and my prediction is: LOVE! When you're not eating, you are generally trying with all of your tiny will to get onto my breasts. When I pick you up, your mouth starts moving and you begin suckling even though you have nothing in your mouth. It's hilarious, really. Maybe you'll take after your big brother Sam and eat as often as you draw a breath.


Guess who's taken a liking to you? The larger, girl version of you named Lucy. I've only recently realized how much you two look alike, but now I can't get it out of my head. It's funny how Sam and Maggie look more alike and now you are looking more like Lucy every day. Genetics are weird!


Baby boy, your face is my favorite thing to look at in the whole entire world.

Love, Mama

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Dan said...

that was fun to read sister

Arizaphale said...

God I LOVE genes! I was thinking in that first photo how he was starting to look like a little clone of...couldn't put my finger on it...but there you's LUCY! Not a baby any more but a real little man with his own fabulous face.