Friday, October 07, 2011

Kids Say the Most God D@mned Mother F*cking Things

On Wednesday we took the kids out to eat at a local restaurant. Since Maggie doesn't drink anything but water, and she had a sippy cup with her, we didn't order her a drink. But when she saw that her brother and sissy got special kids cups with smiley faces on them, she insisted on her own. She stood up at the table and loudly demanded that we get her 'Maggie's cup! Maggie's BEER!' over and over.


Lucy has been telling me all about her friend at school. Thursday she said to me, 'I love C,E and M. They are my best friends!' So I asked her what she liked about them. Her response? 'They are the smallest ones so they always do what I want!'


Last night Sam and I sat down to watch the Flyers game. I knew there would be some pre-game stuff, so we tuned in a little later than the scheduled broadcast time, but since the Bruins won the Stanley Cup last year, there was an extended pre-game show. After watching all of the retied Bruins come out to raise the banner, there was some sort of presentation of a jacket. I dunno, I stopped paying attention at some point. Sam was sitting on the step eating some crackers, and was losing patience. Under his breath he muttered, 'Just start the fucking game already!'

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Dan said...

Sam's right, really... just start the F**K**G game!!! HAHA

Arizaphale said...

Heh heh heh, wonder where he heard that? of course no-one in OUR house uses language like that.
PFFFFFFT(children snort drinks through their noses as they stifle laughter)