Friday, November 25, 2011

Yesterday I Envied the Turkey

Wednesday night, at about 10:30pm Lucy started crying. Since she usually sleeps like a rock I ran up to check on her. She was thrashing about and crying about her feet hurting, so we changed her out of footy pajamas into regular ones. While I was changing her I realized that she felt warm, and a quick temp check confirmed that she had a fever. I gave her some motrin, and she fell back to sleep in less than two minutes.

Yesterday morning she was feverish again. She's not prone to sickness, and she doesn't usually get a fever when she is sick, so I was a little perturbed. Her temp was around 102 degrees, so I administered more motrin and we settled in for a movie morning. A few hours later, though, she started shaking all over, and her temp was still rising. We got her to take some tylenol, but she was like a little tinder box. I re-checked her temp around 11:30 and it was 104.4 degrees.

That number freaked me out. None of my kids have ever been so warm. A call to the doctor later and we were on our way to the emergency department.


Nothing in particular seemed to be bothering her. No runny nose, no ear pain, no sore throat, no tummy troubles, nothing. We convinced her to give a urine sample and found out that she once again has a UTI. Previously she had pain and irritation when she peed, but she never said a thing about any pain or burning, so we had no idea.


This morning she's feeling a little better. I kind of didn't want to get out of bed, though.

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Arizaphale said...

Poor Lucy. How does she manage to do 'sick' and still look cute? Lovin' that family bed photo too...