Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Freddie: Month Ten

Dear Freddie -

Oh, what a sweet month it has been. You just grow cuter and cuter by the day. You've also begun developing new skills in earnest. Behold!

Pushing around a cart like you were born to do it! You also motor around on your knees faster than ever, will cruise on anything you can hold onto, and walk holding only one of my hands. If you're not walking independently by the end of the month I'll eat my hat.

Another new thing you've been experiment with is grinding your teeth. You only have four, two on top and two on the bottom, but somehow you manage to grind them together. The resulting sound could curdle milk. The only thing I can do to get you to stop is to feed you, which is why you've had about eleventy billion graham crackers in the past few days.


Your first Christmas was fun, although the idea of it being your 'first' caught me off guard. I kind of feel like you've been here forever, and I mean that in a good way. Thinking about how you weren't here last year makes me sad. I want all Freddie, all the time, now and forever!


Initially the whole concept of 'presents' eluded you, which is fitting for your age. However you were quite smitten with the discarded wrapping paper. See how you clutch it in your tiny fists while the new bright, shiny toy lies lonely on the floor? Luckily, you didn't ingest too much of that colorful wrapping, and once we cleaned it up, you realized that the toys were there, too!


I think you might have said your first word this month. Even though you love me more than anyone, obviously, you also adore your big brother. Recently I've noticed that when he comes into the room, you often shout 'BRUH-BRAAAAAA!' Now, you love to shout. You love to shout a lot. And you have lots of interesting things you like to shout. BA! GA! NA!NA! BRRRRRP! GRRRRRT! EEKKKKK! DOI! AH-BLAB! But more and more I'm thinking that you are calling Sam BRUH-BRAAAAAA because he's often referred to as brother around here. Maggie started it, and it seems to have stuck. Sam seems entirely convinced and very proud, so I'm going to go with it!


Other ways in which you are amazing? You wave, clap, shake your head yes and no, eat cut up fruits and veggies, laugh uncontrollably when I pretend to eat your feet, and smile pretty much non-stop. I could have never in my life wished for a more perfect baby, Fred. Let's keep it going as we approach toddler-hood, ok? In exchange, I promise you'll always be my favorite.



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