Wednesday, February 01, 2012


To all of you, and anyone I've ever loved or who has ever loved me, THANK YOU!

Stephen, Sam, Lucy, Maggie, Freddie, Mom and Dad, Danny and Martha, Liz and Mike, Tori and Joe, Dane and Finn, Allison and Greg, Phillip and Rachel, Gram and Pap W., Gram and Pap D., Uncle Joe and Aunt Sharon, Johnna and Jimmy, Jiada, JJ, Jenny, Jodi, Uncle Dave, Mari, Uncle Michael, Uncle Mark and Aunt Jo Ann, Alek, Grace, Luke, Rachel, Uncle Tom and Aunt Lauri, Amanda, Ben, Jacob, Uncle Rob and Dave, Uncle Rick and Aunt Denise, Cousin Max, Laura and Jason, Ricky and Falen, Aunt Deb, Scott and Whitney, Nikee and Vinnie, Zac, Jen and Chris and little Clara, Sara and Greg and Sam, Will, and Josh, Chrissie and Juan, Carrie and Marcello, Lilliana and Neens, Laura and Eric, Marissa, Leah and Ben, Reagan and Evie, Susan and Josh and Aaron, Lora and Dave and Jake, Jodi and Dave, Katie, Tiffany, Christina, Christine, Naomi, Melanie, Susan...

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1 comment:

Lora said...

Tons of love to you on the Big Three Three today and every day for the rest of forever!