Monday, May 07, 2012

Parental Guilt: How I Was Manipulated By School Photos

Back in the fall Sam and Lucy had school photos. Just like when I was a kid, each kid got a head shot in front of a backdrop (color of their choice) and that was that. Sam chose blue and he smiled nicely and the picture came out about as well as a school picture can. 

Unfortunately, picture day was scheduled for a Friday, and Lucy doesn't have school on Fridays. A few weeks later the pre-K kids had their pictures taken on the make-up day, and I totally forgot about it. She was wearing some silly t-shirt and I'm pretty sure she hadn't had a bath in days and I didn't even send in the form, so we never got any pictures of her. 

Recently we got a letter in their backpacks about school photos again. Apparently having only one school photo per year is no longer enough, we must have TWO! I remembered this time, and helped the kids pick some clothes that weren't too fussy but that also didn't have a licenced character on it. I didn't send in any order forms, though. I thought maybe I would get some of Lulu's but I wasn't totally sure. I mean, I have my own photography business, so do I really need to spend what little money I make buying picture of my kids that SOMEONE ELSE TOOK? No. 

Well, I guess these savvy school photographers are wise to people like me, because even though I didn't send in any money or forms, both kids came home with an envelope chock full of pictures. And key chains. And rulers with their photos on them. Puke.

And! AND! Much to my childrens' delight, they were not your typical school photos! They were in a jungle! With flowers! And an old door! How amazingly awesome is that! 

They both loved their photos so much I ended up sending in a check for $13 a piece for 2 5X7 photos of each kid. For the low low price of only $42 I could have had all of the photos (and key chains and rulers) in the envelope, but I was able to resist. The kids really wanted the rulers, but since neither one of them could ever remember a time when they actually used a ruler in the past I won that battle. 

So, can someone tell me how I can get the gig as the school photographer, because these folks must make a killing!

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Chrissie said...

AHHHH...Sam looks like a teenager in this photo! Cute pics, but they could never touch the awesomeness of your shots!

Dan said...

Sam looks soooooooooo big

Arizaphale said...

I feel your angst BUT there is NOTHING like ye olde annual school photo to stick in a photo album, year after year.It's kind of a reference point. After all, no matter how lovely your mama's shots are, you can bet that it's the school photo that will end up in the power point presentation!