Monday, August 20, 2012

Sometimes You Blow Your Own Mind

Last week we went to the beach. The whole family, the grandparents on both sides, the aunts, uncles and cousin. All told, we slept ten adults and six kids under on roof.

And it was pretty awesome.

The week leading up to the vacation was a little nuts, though. Trying to pack for every one, for every scenario, is always daunting. I always forget something. Plus, there was my whole anxiety about the house/pool/ocean. We got an inside deal on a house this year, which was awesome, but that means that I didn't get to scrutinize every little detail of safety/cleanliness/drowning capacity. It was a little bit much for me to handle, mentally. But I did. Mostly.

Then we got there. There were bugs. There were sliding glass door that lead directly to the pool deck. There was an absence of baby gates. (See! I knew I'd forget something!) But guess what? We still had a blast.

Maybe it's because my kids are getting older. Maybe it's because I'm getting older. Maybe it's because there were nearly a dozen capable adults watching out for my kids. But once we got there, I really did relax and have fun. Sure, there were a few times when I was like, "WHERE IS LUCY!??!1?!?1?!?1!?" but that's more about her spending 40 minutes in the toilet than anything else.

And? I went swimming in the ocean. And boogie boarding. And ocean fricking kayaking! But that is a whole 'nother post for a whole 'nother day. And there will be photos!

Until then, here is a photo of some other beach cuties!

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