Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gypsy Life: FINAL DAY

Today is our last day in the gypsy house. We got the keys on monday night, and even though it was only in the sixties, Sam jumped in the pool in his underpants. 

He was the only kid there, but please don't tell the other three! They would be enraged. Even Fred, who just points and yells 'POOOOOOOL' every time we're there. I wonder if and when that will stop?

I didn't get a chance to write yesterday because SOB and I were busy little beavers. Since our furniture won't come until tomorrow morning, we decided to try and scrape some wallpaper and rip up some carpeting before then. Neither one of us had any expereince with the wallpaper stripping, so I was a combo of anxious and excited about the prospect. I've heard horror stories of homes with layer upon layer of wallpaper, and since our house is almost 100 years old, and has wallpaper in every room, it seemed likely that this might have turned into our worst nightmare.

HOWEVER! In barely any time, we had this:

Looking like this:

Yay!!! In the dining room there was only one layer of the paper over the plaster.

We got started in the breakfast nook, which had it's challenges, but we got it finished. Then we started in on the stairwell.

Why, yes! That is psychedelic wall paper on the ceiling. Thanks for asking! Most of the stairwells and every bathroom in the house has wallpapered ceilings as well. Oh, what fun! We got halfway finished here, then did the foyer, two bedrooms and half of two bathrooms. Plus we pulled up the blood red carpeting in the room that will be our office, and investigated the hardwood floors on the carpeted stairs and hallways. They all look amazing, so once the movers come through we'll pull that up. 

We still have wall paper in two bedrooms, one of which is on the third floor and also has wall paper on the ceiling (seriously, WTFFFFF?) Plus the basement and the third floor bathroom have green indoor/outdoor carpeting that looks like astro-turf, which will be burned as a sacrifice to the gods of interior design. THEN all of the de-papered walls need to be painted. But I think we made really great progress for one day.

I can't imagine how productive I'll be when I can sleep in my own bed and drink reall coffee instead of this instant crap I've been guzzling. 

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Arizaphale said...

I bow before you domestic Goddess. I am not worthy!

Lora said...

awesome job! That trippy black and white paper was in our kitchen under a few other layers of paper, except ours was red and white. I actually sort of like it- as a pattern, not as a wallpaper.