Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Wanna Go Back There

Remember how hard I thought things were when we were neck deep in the gypsy life?



At this point, I would do a trade back for the gypsy life in the blink of an eye. Because now, I'm trapped in a painters life. Strike that. We've barely even painted anything, because we're still just putting primer on everything. When you buy a century old house that hasn't been remodeled in many, MANY decades, most of the paint you're trying to cover up is oil based. Since oil-based paint is hard to purchase, not to mention kinda toxic, we have to prime every-mother-loving-thing in the house. AFTER WE STRIP OFF ALL OF THE WALL PAPER.


So far we've primed the foyer, dining room, family room and two bathrooms. We've painted the foyer, half the dining room and the entire family room. My parents were a HUGE help with the family room, which had a burlap/grassy layer over the top of the wall paper. SOB has to fabricate some wainscoting for the dining room before we can finish painting. We have to prime and paint both kids' rooms before we get the carpet replaced (which is happening soon). Our bedroom and our living room both have the same kind of burlap/grassy wallpaper shit that took over 20 man hours to remove, so those have moved to the bottom of the list of things to do.

Side bar: Did you realize how much painting terminology is tinged with vagina? Be sure to keep a wet edge, and don't forget the TRIM!

Back to the house: every bathroom and our kitchen are from the 1960s. YAY!

So if I'm not posting here all too often, it's because I am somewhere with a paint roller duct tapped to my hand, painting and painting and painting and painting painting painting painting paintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpaintingpainting

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Anonymous said...

Mom always called it the paint prison.........Tori

tiffany said...

I feel your pain. Althoigh not as large and fortunately no wall paper, my house was built in the 1940s and nothing has ever been updated. Nothing like an orginal 1940s toilet!!