Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Activities and Growing Up

Maggie got ear tubes on Monday. She was a total trooper, despite being unable to eat anything all day. Her procedure was scheduled for 1:45pm, and she couldn't eat after midnight or drink anything after 11:45am. When she came to, they offered her some animal crackers, but she demanded M&Ms. Luckily, I had some in my purse! But while she was waiting for me, she inhaled those crackers!

She was pretty much a total adorable ham the entire time we were there. On the way home I let her eat three chocolate chip cookies.

In fact, these very cookies that I baked in my new oven! The appliances are pretty sweet, I've got to admit. In the short span of time since we've had the new stove we've seared steaks, fried potatoes, made home made mac&cheese, roasted a chicken, made a ton of chicken stock, made a huge pancake-eggs-bacon breakfast on the griddle, and baked cookies. But now we are in a holding pattern until the replacement cabinets and counters arrive, which could be quite some time. Mid-february-ish. Then we can do something with the backsplash, figure out the floors and be done! I'm hoping that we'll be able to have a big birthday party for Fred in mid-march, so keep your fingers crossed.

Sam has been playing some serious hockey lately. And we just signed up for summer league, because we don't already spend all of our free time at an ice rink.

But when we're not at hockey, we're at gymnastics! Which, oddly enough, smells a lot like a hockey locker room...

Or dance class! (Not pictured: the world's tiniest and most adorable-est ballet slippers.)

And this kid? Who is super-patient while waiting for the hockey-gymnastic-dance class set, JUST GOT "ACCEPTED" INTO PRE-SCHOOL. #1: Seriously? You had to go and waste a perfectly good piece of paper informing me of his "acceptance" into your private pre-school? Maybe I'll frame it and hang it on his office wall when he's president of something. #2: Wait, aren't you still a baby? No? WAAAAH!

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Arizaphale said...

Love that shot of Sam skating!!! Sorry you're stuck in kitchen limbo. Did I tell you about the time I had my kitchen done before? 11 weeks without a kitchen >:-(...hope your wait is a LOT shorter!