Thursday, January 03, 2013

Kitchen Remodel: Day 1

Well, we spent all day on January first emptying out the kitchen. It looked almost nice when it was all cleaned out, see: 

However nice it looked, the appliance still didn't work for shit, so bright and early Tuesday morning some men arrived with crow bars.

And just like that! It was all gone. Naturally, not even one day into the project and we have already encountered some significant problems. For starters, the cabinets that were ordered are too small. Now, the kitchen was measured by professionals, who told us what to order. And the guys who are installing the cabinets are the same guys that did all of the measuring. BUT since we signed the papers to submit the order it's all our fault, of course. So everything that goes above the counters has to be sent back and new, bigger ones have to be made. Not a huge deal, but we will have to pay for the difference on the larger cabinets.

The other main issue is that the bulkhead you see up by the ceiling basically fell apart in several places, so it's currently being re-built. AND! Since the old wall tiles were applied with some sort of crazy epoxy, most of the wall came off with the tiles, which means everything has to get new drywall. Plus a ton of electrical work has to be done. And the hole for the new hood has to be cut. And and and.

Prior to Tuesday we were debating having the floors done at the same time, but now we're really glad we're not. The floor money has now been spent! Here's hoping for not too many more surprise expenses! 

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1 comment:

Arizaphale said...

Oh no! That sucks big time!! I hope you don't have to spend as long without a kitchen as I did in my last house. 11 weeks of washing dishes in the bath did my head in. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly from now on.