Monday, January 07, 2013

Kitchen Remodel: Weekend Update

On friday we got cabinets!

Things were starting to look like a real kitchen again! Then on saturday we got some bonus work done by our contractor, who just wanted to finish up a few thing before monday. He brought us a temporary sink and piece of countertop so that we could have running water, and he put all of the handles on the drawers and cabinets! 


Then, because my husband and father are totally awesome, I got new lights! For some reason, the previous owners put ceiling fans with these hideous brown and yellow glass lamps on them in the kitchen. 

The net effect was that everything in my kitchen took on a semi-jaundice appearance. Now I have two lovely mercerized glass flush mounted lights, which not only makes things look a normal color, but also  makes the ceiling seem higher since they don't hang down so far.

The only big drawback to installing these lights was that we realized just how disgusting our glass ceiling was. Remember the other day when I mentioned how the vent fan was not actually functioning all that well? All of that food vapor had settled on the glass tiles, which is why I found myself swiffer'ing my ceiling on Saturday afternoon.

That was fun. You know what else was fun? Washing dishes in a dishwasher!

And throwing things into a real live trashcan!

And having new, non-scary looking wires sticking out of the wall instead of the ancient ones from the day before!

My dad and husband spent the better part of the weekend toiling away for me and I couldn't be more grateful. Although to be fair, they did have a little extra help...

Until tomorrow!

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Arizaphale said...

Lookin' gooood! Are you sure you won't miss the fans in summer? You're so lucky to have handy men around. Tonight I was on the roof again solving problems *sigh*...well, someone's got to do it....

Chrissie said...

Looking good, Amy Jo! That wall of tall cabinets/pantry is AWESOME! And I love the new light fixtures. Good luck with the rest of it!