Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Little Lucy Goes A Long Way

This has been a big week for my little Lulu! 

She completed her first round of gymnastics classes, and in first place no less! (FYI, all of the kids finished in first place, but don't tell them that!) She enjoys her time there so much, and she can almost do a cartwheel, just ask her! This whole cartwheel thing really bother Sam, because he can't even begin to approximate one. She's reveling in being better than him in something. It's cute. Until they start fighting.

She also had a performance at her school!

This gave me no small amount of anxiety, because we had NO idea it was happening until the day before it was happening. That's what you get when you take your kids to Florida in the middle of February, I guess. To make matters even more anxiety-filled, she was the first performer IN THE WHOLE SCHOOL!

She had to recite a line about William Penn while wearing a lovely hand made quaker hat, which totally went with her sequenced tunic, pink jeans and zebra rain boots. Can you tell she dresses herself? 

She said: William Penn was born on October 14th, 1644 in London, England. 

And she said it like a total boss. 

And she knew it, too. After all of kids took a bow, most of the dispersed to find their parents. Lucy stayed on stage and blew kisses to her adoring fans.

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1 comment:

Arizaphale said...

Gotta love that kid! What confidence!! Not like my BA in her first concert. Spent the whole thing waving at friends in the audience and scratching at a scab on her knee. Inspiring....NOT