Monday, August 19, 2013

Back To Where???

Every blog and facebook status update I've been reading lately is all about back to school, but we don't go back for two weeks and one day more. There is a humongous and expensive construction project ongoing at our high school, and to maximize the amount of time that work can be done without students present, they pushed the district's first day back until September 3rd. Which is fine and all, but I'm starting to get a little bored, and so are my kids! Luckily, Sam is attending one final camp this week (Lego robotics! Awesome, right?) with the coolest second cousin in the land, and next week Lucy is going to Philly, so we're staving off boredom the best wasy we can. I barely have to do any back to school shopping thanks to a lovely fundraiser program the district offers wherein I send them a few extra bucks and everything just appears in the kids' desk on the first day. And it was only $30 for both kids! I'd easily spend away at least double that in the random aisles of Target if I had to go and procure all of those pencil cases myself. Because we all know I need another fruit scented hair conditioner.

(For the record, I have mango, coconut, citrus, and avocado smelling ones. I also have two non-fruit smelling ones. I have issues. Hair issues.)

The weather hasn't really been all that conducive for swimming, but we did learn to ride bikes last week.

Lucy got the hang of things first, and Sam was unsurprisingly PISSED about that. It was a ton of fun, really.

I'm going to try and cram a bunch of fun summer-type activities in over the next two weeks, including a special trip into the city for Lulu's sixth birthday on Thursday. And then we go to Philly to get Lucy over Labor Day weekend and then, finally SCHOOL!

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Arizaphale said...

Lucy: "I'm doing AWESOME!"
Love love love