Monday, January 20, 2014

Bathroom Reveal!

A few days, and a lot of dust later, I give you…The Bathroom!

As you can see, we tried to keep the style and age of the house in mind when redecorating this room. Everything looks kind of old, but is actually new! Here are some of the details.

I really like the way this mirror and lights came together. We have similar, original light fixtures in our master bathroom, so I was very happy when we found these. 

The sink is tiny, but so is the room, so it works out. I love the octagonal shape of the old sink, and we wanted to stick with a wall mount. We had to look around for a bit, but we finally found one we liked. Picking out the faucet was also a bit of a challenge, but SOB came home with this one one day and that was one less decision I had to mull over! +1 for the Husband!

And look! A toilet! That isn't a goofy color! White toilets now officially outnumber colorful toilets in our home. (We still have 1 pink and 1 blue one.) You can see that I'm not so great at photo staging since I left some discarded toilet paper rolls and plastic in the trash can. Oh well, this isn't a magazine spread, right?

Here is a bonus shot of the kitchen floor. Do not look at my cluttered counter tops, please. 

Here's what it looked like last December!

Now we just have to tackle the other 3 bathroom renovations, and the basement, and the windows, and the roof. Wish us luck!

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