Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Field Trip Day

My devilish darling son Sam has never been on a field trip before. Why, you ask? Well, last year on his first field trip attempt, he got into a skirmish before school even started and was sent home for the day. It was his rock bottom for the first grade. This year, when Lucy got to go on that same first grade field trip, he was livid. It kind of set off a domino effect of bad behavior which lasted several weeks, culminating in more than one trip to the principal's office, lots of punishments, and talking about things with initials and such.  I've been super anxious about this, and specifically about today: second grade field trip day. Honestly, we both have been stressing about it. So much so that his father called before school this morning (which he does pretty much NEVER) to pep talk him and give him a double dose of daily parental positive vibes.

I'm happy to report that IT WORKED! Sam attended his field trip to the symphony, and his teacher reported that he was awesome, although he confessed to once pretending to pick his nose to make some boys around him chuckle. The symphony wasn't something he was particularly excited about, so I was a little more concerned that he would act out if he got bored, but he didn't! Plus, he's had a run of really great days at school. Last week I was literally sobbing and being totally dismal about his future, but today? Well, his dad's positivity talk must have rubbed off on me. 

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