Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Good Opportunity to Sort Through the Clutter

HBM and mothergoosemouse have both recently dumped the contents of their bags for the enjoyment of the internets, and I figured why not play, too? Plus, it was a perfect excuse to sort through some of the unnecessary items in there and find them a new home. To be honest, I should have also dumped the diaper bag since I stash a ton of my own junk in there, but I'm 39 weeks pregnant and don't have the energy to walk across the room and fetch it, so you only get the purse.

I have a big collection of bags. All but two of them were gifts, just so you know. My mother-in-law is always good for a good bag at Christmas, and SOB takes after his mother, so my birthday is usually celebrated with a new bag as well. Since Sam has been born, I've mostly stuck to this black number. It's smallish, but quite versatile. It has several good interior pockets and pouches and an easy (but secure) magnetic snap.

Despite it's diminutive size, see how much crap I can fit in there?

Besides the requisite cell phone and check book, I have a smaller cream colored purse-like object which I use to contain all of my cards and monies. (That was a gift, too, from my friend Carrie!) I always have several hundred pony tail holders in my bag in case of emergencies. Or pig tails. Since SOB has long hair, too, these usually come in very handy.

For some reason, I carry twelve different kinds of lip goo, even though I rarely use them. I was carrying around four different colors of MAC pro longwear lip stuff. This is the kind of lipwear that never ever comes off. Back when I pregnant with Sam, we would go to the gym after work. I would wash my face and put on a wide headband to keep my hair off of my face. Because the headband covered my hairline, and because my lips were always still darkly colored, SOB joked that if I wasn't pregnant people would think I was in drag. Besides the perma-lipstick, I have one regular lipstick, 2 gloss-type items and an Aveno lip conditioner thingie. After the photo was taken, only the regular lipstick, one gloss and the Aveno stuff went back in.

On the health side of the 'health and beauty' category, I have a bottle of allergy eye drops and a bottle of moisturizing eye drops. Some people (airport security) assume that because I have several types of eye drops that I also have a habit, ahem, that contributes to frequent bloodshot eyes. My bags get searched. A lot. Tucked in there I also have a small bottle of hand sanitizer and a tube of sunblock.

In the 'miscellaneous papers' category I have three appointment cards for my OB. I always forget to trash them once I've been, and since I go every mother loving week now, they are accumulating quickly. The folded piece of paper in there is my pick-up slip for Sam's most recent photos. I took him for the 18 month shots a little early just in case Numero Dos decided to show up early, but she's apparently on lock down. There's a $10 Babies-R-Us gift card that I scored with a coupon which I am going to use, in conjunction with another coupon, to buy a new baby monitor. Because I'm crazy like that and need a monitor for each baby.

And finally I have two pens. These are my favorite pens, and it took me a while to decide on them. One is my favorite because it is, quite simply, a quality pen. SOB gets a gillion pens every day from different drug reps, and most of them are crap. The silver DepoDur pen in front might be the best pen I've ever used. I'm even thinking about refilling it when the ink runs dry. The white pen up near the bag is from one of my favorite places on the planet. It doesn't write very well, but it gives me a warm and tingly feeling when I see it. And in a pinch, I can write a check with it.

So that's it. Nothing scandalous. I don't even have any embarrassing feminine hygiene products because I've been pregnant for the last decade and a half. So now it's your turn! Let the world know what's in your bag. I love a good opportunity to snoop without shame!

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super des said...

My favorite purse broke the other day. That made me very sad.

I would take pictures of my own purse contents, but the boy has the camera with him and he won't be back for a few days. Oh well.

Amy Jo said...

Sadness. One of my favorite purses has a weak strap, so I only take it out on special occasions.

Try and have fun, boy-free!

Arizaphale said...

Oh God, do I have to? Do I have to????????? Oh, OK then :-)