Friday, August 08, 2008

Money, It's a Gas

Everyone is feeling the pinch these days. Gas, groceries and good bye paycheck! Not only did we get audited but yesterday when I pulled my car out of the garage there was a big puddle of oil underneath it. Guess where it is now? Oh, and even though the dealer put a huge decal on my borrowed car proclaiming it to be a 'courtesy loaner car' I had to pay $35 to get it. Nice.

So what can we do? Cry into our fists and rend our garments? Sure, but while you're at it, why don't you also try blogging the recession. That is, when you open your feed reader, click through to read the posts on the actual blogs. The author gets more page views and therefore more ad revenue, if the run ads. Kristen came up with the idea, and I can't imagine why someone hasn't done this before.

If just helping a girl (or boy) out doesn't do it for you, there is a while gaggle of awesome prizes she's giving away for peeps who spread the word out via their own blog. So steal the button code over here and get to typing! 

If you're looking for more chances to win things (like a $250 visa gift card or two) then click over to The Cheese Says....Mmmm! to read my latest post and find out how to play along!

Finally, I leave you with this photo of a tomato, fresh from my garden. It took almost an hour for it to come down from room temperature, as it was being warmed by the sun. I almost don't want to eat it.

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