Monday, January 05, 2009

My Best Shot Monday and Giveaway #1!

*Make sure to read all the way to the end for some sweet giveaways!

My little bruiser
(Read more about that awesome shirt here!)

My little climber

It's been getting very interesting around here lately, what with the kids all developing and stuff. They are both all over everything and each other. Each one of them has gotten a black eye since we've been home for Christmas. Sam was responsible for both of them, although Lucy seems to be trying pretty damned hard to obtain an injury all by herself. They alternately love and hate each other. I think I'm getting a pretty clear glimpse of my future these days!

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Speaking of love and hate: Christmas presents! I love 'em, don't get me wrong! But sometimes when we get home it seems like someone dumped the contents of a small mall into our house. Therefore, I'm starting the Annual Cheese Party Post-Holiday Giveaway - 2009 Edition. It goes a little something like this: For the first full week of each year I will give away something every day. It might be something that we got duplicates of, or something that didn't quite fit, or something that we just, well, didn't need. It serves two purposes. First, it helps me clear out some of the clutter. Second, I'm hoping that by putting some positive vibes out early in the year I can recoup on those later when I'm needing some of my own! Selfish, but true!

Disclaimer: If anyone out there sees a gift here that you gave to me/us, please don't be offended. I would totally tell you if I didn't like said gift. In fact, all of the gifts we received this year were great. We just got too many!

So let's get it started! Today we're featuring two kids items, so if you don't have any needs/wants/desires for toys then come back tomorrow when I'll be doling out some Anne Taylor

First up! One Melissa and Doug Classic Toy Stacking Train. This is an awesome toy. I should know because we got three of them! One lives at our house, one at my mother's house and now one for you!
Secondly, a LeapFrog Baby Little Leaps Thomas and Friends game. You have to have the Little Leaps Grow With Me Learning System for this, which we don't.

Since you have to have the proper system for the Thomas game, I can give these to two separate people if necessary. 

How to win? Just leave me a comment before 6am tomorrow January 6th! Make sure you provide a valid email address so I can contact you. Also please let me know if you are interested in both items or just one or the other. A random commenter will be selected. And make sure to check back in tomorrow for updates and more contests!

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Killlashandra said...

Cute giveaways. I think my little boy would be thrilled with either of them actually. ;)

Live the eagles shot though in your first picture. I was happy they pulled it off too.

Unknown said...

I have recently decided I need to get some toys for our house, because when kids come over (like Sam!), we have absolutely nothing for them to play with. Except our coasters, which all children seem to love for some reason. My sister was going to clear out some of their toys so I can have a toy stash at our house, but if there is anything you'd like to donate to our childless house as well, it would be much appreciated! And I'm sure Sam would appreciate it as well! :)

Shannon said...

My daughter would love the stacking train. She into the take everything apart stage.

Cara said...

First I love the 2 photos. Go Eagles! We are Eagle's Fans too.
My boys love trains so they would love either.

tracey clark said...

these two are for sure siblings! they look so much alike to me! adorable.

Henry said...

I love the train! I am a big Doug and Melissa fan. We don't have a Leap Frog system.. yet.. Maybe next Christmas.

Lora said...

Jake loves his stacking train, which, if I'm not mistaken is from you guys!! He has it at my inlaws, and he loves it just as much now as he did a couple years ago when he got it.

Holy crap. He has been around for a couple years.

Poor Sammy.