Friday, January 30, 2009

Triangle Head

Every few years I get the urge to do something, anything, to my hair. I tend to shy away from anything drastic, but I think that's because I've always had good, responsible stylists who would discourage me any time I suggested something a little, well, stupid. Unfortunately, my last hair cut was performed by someone I had never met before and who didn't give a whit what I looked like after I walked out the door. What was I thinking, you ask? Well, I was at a super fancy-pants resort with a world class spa and salon, and I just thought I'd throw caution to the wind! The gal chopping at my locks kept reassuring me that I would look great, and that it would be easy-peasy to style. But she doesn't have two kids nipping at her ankles while she operates a flat iron, and maybe she didn't notice the full, wavy texture of my hair. The resulting cut, short with shorter layers and long bangs, sticks straight out to the sides when I let my hair air dry, My hair takes on the exact same dimensions of a character from Super Mario Brothers

Here is my triangle head in it's full glory.

Horrid. Horrid, horrid, horrid. It's like The Rachel, only awful. So every time I wash my hair I have to spend time I don't have flat ironing it so that I can get it to look a little less puffy. Like this:

Not quite as horrible, but more annoying. Why? Well, there's the time factor. Then there's the 'slowly killing my hair with heat and products' factor. Then there is the 'have to wash my hair more often because of products' factor. You can see how it becomes a vicious cycle ending in me pulling a Brittany shaving the whole lot. (Wouldn't that be weird, Lora?) 

But if I've learned anything over the years from this whole blogging deal, it's that fake mustaches make everything a little bit better. 

Have a good weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe now is the time to do something drastic and go shorter. What can it hurt?

susan said...

The "fixed" version is pretty cute, but I'm totally with you on requiring a do that's pretty much wash and go-able. And if I feel that way with only one ankle biter, I can only imagine how that need must rise exponentially with two + one on the way.

On the other hand, you're quite dashing in a mustache.

Amy said...

I'm lovin' the 'stache. Reminds me to get waxed next week.

I have the same Modified Rachel. Not sure how I feel about it yet.

Unknown said...

I actually just went to your old stylist Julie yesterday and she was asking about you and says hi .... maybe she can help you out??? I think the flat ironed version is quite cute, but I hear you on wanting to wash and go!

Arizaphale said...

On the plus side, the ironed version looks good! I have the same problem though. SOOS (straight out of shower) it looks like s***.
Nice 'tache.

Lora said...

weird. i left a comment on this post, and came back to see if you followed up on it but now i have no idea what it was and it isn't here. leaving comments from my phone sucks. or did i text you something about it? i'm loosing my everloving mind.

anyway, i totally feel you on this, and the triangle head is why i have short hair now

Anonymous said...

Amy, you are my hero!! I have my own issues with "mushroom head" haircuts that the flat iron thing does to me, and then since I can't do it right I just get flat head.

I'm seriously thinkin' of doing the 'stache thing myself! You rock, baby. Also, congrats on the new little baby-to-be.

Aunt Nee

RissaBear said...

HAHAHAHA triangle head....oh looked gorgeous when i saw you!

Im inlove with lucy.

Thats All.

Thanks you

Good Bye