Saturday, March 28, 2009


Scene: Just before bed, on the couch, snuggling with Sam.

Sam: *Coughing* Mommy, there is a little frog in my throat!

Mom: Well Sam, how did he get there?

Sam: Well, I put you in the potty and flushed you down the little hole. Even your big head went down. Then something was trying to get you!

Mom: What was it?

Sam: It was a little frog. It got you and put you in he mouth and swallowed you down to he belly. Then you made him jump in my mouth so that when I talk you can be there. Forever. The end.

Mom: Sam, that was a great story.

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susan said...

This is definitely the good part of 3. Never has a story been told with more twists and turns and unexpected characters than the tales that I'm being regaled with on almost a daily basis. Suppressing my laughter is the best abs workout, ever!

High Heeled Mama said...


Arizaphale said...

Could I see that illustrated please?