Monday, September 28, 2009

The Zoo, Pregnancy Edition

We took the kids to the zoo on Saturday morning in hopes that it would stimulate my labor. We took Sam to the zoo right before Lucy was born, so I was secretly hoping it would do the trick. No such luck, but we all had a nice time anyway!


This monkey's facial expression was cracking me up. He or she kind of looked like I felt, so I had to snap a few shots.


This was the first time Lucy really, really interacted and enjoyed the zoo. She was a nut ball (in a good way) in the primate house looking at the squirrel monkeys, and the feeding and brushing of the goats really had her excited.


The kids really had a lot of fun with dad, too. He doesn't always get to accompany us on these types of outings, and 90% of the time they wanted nothing to do with me, just Dad! Dad! Dad! I have a feeling I'm going to be seeing this view a lot in the coming weeks...The baby will be here within the next 24 hours!

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Arizaphale said...

I love that last shot, especially in b&w. It's already Tuesday here and I know you got some sleeping to do but I'll be thinking of you today as I go about my holiday business and sending good thinning, effacing and pushing vibes. I think it's a v good idea to get this baby born while daddy is around to take care of the big guys. Looks like they're going to appreciate it too.

iMother2.0 said...

yeah, the last one is my fave too

super des said...

I love squirrel monkeys!

Well, you and #3 are in my thoughts. :)

Cara said...

I love the last shot too. I will be thinking of you today! Can't wait to hear the good news.