Sunday, November 08, 2009

My Little Shutterbug


On Friday I took Sam down into the city for a visit to the ENT. His ear tubes are doing well, and his hearing is perfect! While we were there he asked if I would take him up into a very tall building. Since we were in the neighborhood of SOB's hospital, I took him up to the 8th floor bridge. It's not the tallest building in town, but it's glass on all sides, so the views are pretty cool. Luckily I also had my camera with me. He was so excited to have a picture of the event.

Lately he's been very interested in taking pictures. When my parents were here, they let him use their camera all the time. And he's been asking me to let him take pictures with my camera. I'll usually let him duck his head into the strap with me and take a few shots. Like this one of Maggie:


Not bad, huh? Finally, after a long lecture, I let him hold the camera all by himself. He is only three, but I think he understood the responsibility. Plus I was sitting three feet away from him. I guess that's why he decided to make me his subject:


After almost a year of using his toy camera Santa brought last Christmas, I think he's ready to graduate. I'm not handing over my DSLR for good just yet, but I think I remember where my old point-and-shoot is hiding!

For more best shot Monday fun, visit Tracy Clark at Mother May I.

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Jen said...

YOu definitely have a photographer on your hands. I haven't visited in awhile and did not realize you had your baby. Congratulations!!! She is absolutely beautiful.

Megan said...

oh fun! i love it when my kids take my p&s and take shots. you just never know what they'll come up with!

Never That Easy said...

What adorable kiddos ~ my three year old niece is a budding shutterbug as well, and it's such fun to see. He did a great job on both pictures.

Lis said...

Great shots! My 5 year loves getting the disposable camera to use and it is thrilling to pick up the packet of pictures to see what she captured.

Killlashandra said...

The picture of maggie is excellent! He's got a great eye. Although your shot of the perspective with the railing is great too. :)

Cara said...

These are great. I bet the view from the building was cool.
It funny you talk about him wanting to use your camera, my 3 year old has been asking the same thing. I let him take a few photo's this weekend too. He took a shot of his Great grandfather and it came out good.