Monday, April 12, 2010

Wedding Cookies

It's tradition in western Pennsylvania to make dozens upon dozens of cookies for anyone that is related to you when they get married. At each reception you will find a well stocked cookie table in addition to cake after your meal is over. Since this has been going on for some time, most people have certain types of cookies that are their speciality. For as long as I can remember, my grammy has been making pizelles.


She always makes them as thin as possible, so that they are like lace and they melt in your mouth. This iron has been in the family for god knows how long, and no matter how hard she scrubs it the patina never comes off. I think that's why they taste so freaking good!


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Lora said...

I've never heard of this tradition, but I know that there are always cookie tables at the weddings I've been to lately in Jersey, and I hit them up HARD!
I thought it was a Jersey thing!

Lis said...

oh, this is amazing! what a wonderful thing to have ... thanks for sharing :)

Cara said...

We love pizelles, my brother in law eats them faster than we can make them!

HipMomma said...

Oh no! We used to live in Boston and pizelles were very popular there. Now back in Texas I hadn't had them in forever. Well, I was at the grocery store and found a box of them and they were just like I remembered. I told the Hubs that I wanted to buy a pizelle maker and he thought I was crazy. They are so simple and just so yummy.