Sunday, May 02, 2010

Maggie, Month Seven

Maggie Lynn,

Oh dear. Sorry for the delay in writing this Mrs. Magoo. We've had so much going on, what with all of the buying and selling of houses. And then we were travelling last week. And I honestly got my dates screwed up. This is all my way of saying sorry baby!


What a month, though. You're finally more interested in sitting upright! For the longest time I thought maybe you'd just skip sitting and go straight to standing, since you love being held in a standing position. But once your big sister discovered that she really, really liked you sitting gained some allure.


More time was spent in the company of family. We visited everyone twice last month, which is probably why you're sleep schedule is totally out of whack lately. While I hate getting up with you more than once a night, moments like this make the long nights a little more manageable.


I think you might be my most ticklish baby. Sam is a really ticklish kid, but as bad as you are now, a strong breeze might send you into a giggle fit. Luckily for everyone, you have the most delicious laugh, and hearing it is like an instant balm for any ailment.


You continue to eat and grow, love you brother and the cat, jump and roll. Rolling is still your preferred method of locomotion, but it seems like your little brain is starting to try and conceptualize crawling. You push up soooooo far on your arms, but your legs haven't quite figured it out yet. Thank god. I'm not ready, physically or emotionally, for you to start crawling.


People tell me all the time how you seem so tiny. And you are, really. You're long and lean, like Sammy was and is. But you still fit perfectly in my arms. I have a feeling you always will.

Love, Mama

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Unknown said...

that was beautiful.and the picture with Grandma............i love you

Chrissie said...

I love that last shot of Maggs....too precious!!!!

Arizaphale said...

*sigh* And she's growing so fast. Better watch out though. These days I fit more easily into the BA's arms than the other way around! She is enormous!!!

RissaBear said...

that last black and white pic of her is AMAZING!