Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Can't Quite Find Home


Life in West Virginia, I can't quite explain it. It isn't bad, most of the time. It isn't usually good, either. It just kind of is. Some days I feel glad to be here. Days like this...


Having my parents and a large majority of our extended family around has been more amazing than I can explain. We had almost seventy people here for Maggie's birthday party. We see some relative almost every week. My parents have been an invaluable help with the kids. Any time SOB is working the weekend they come and lend a hand. My dad has been to as many of Sam's hockey practices as I have, and he's even considering becoming a coach. Being near to family is the main reason we moved here, and I don't think there is ever a moment we regret that aspect of our decision.


And I've meet some truly lovely people here. Sure, there are the toothless redneck hillbilly types, but I've managed to steer clear so far. The moms and dads I've met at Sam and Lu's school are so cool and I can totally see myself developing friendships with them. Interestingly enough, not many of them are actually from here, but that isn't really too surprising. But it's slow going, mostly because of me. My days are scheduled to the hilt, between both school sessions, dance and hockey. Plus there is that darling little Maggie to entertain, so my social calendar is pretty empty right now.


I just feel weirdly resigned to life here, instead of really enjoying life here. I know things will change, hopefully for the better. It's not wrong, but I can't say yet if it's right. Hopefully with time we'll grow to love it here. Because it would be devastating to move away again, not just for our families, but for me as well. I want to be home.

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Dan said...

Hope things get better soon sister.
LOVE the picture of Sam and Dad.

Lora said...

oh man, work blocked Photobucket again. I knew that update last weekend would be somehow detrimental to blog reading.

Also, you can always come home you know. We're all here waiting. Even if you don't, sometimes it's just nice knowing you can.

I hope WV gets better. Well, it probably won't change much. Hell, it probably hasn't changed much since it was founded. But I hope you find your place there and you find happiness in those tiny little things that make every day your own.
(those tiny little things that are probably in those pictures...)

Cara said...

Hang in there! Like you said it great that you are near your family.

Arizaphale said...

Early days yet babe in the scheme of things. Hope this finds you feeling better.