Thursday, July 07, 2011

Things I've Learned from Organizing my Pantry

Our house has an amazing pantry. Seriously, it's one of the highlights of the place, and when other people see it they are in awe. It's at least half as big as the kitchen in our old home. When we moved in, however, it became a catch-all for random kitchen (and non-kitchen) items that we didn't quite know where we wanted to put yet. Also, as we unpacked, things that should go into a pantry were placed in there in no particular order.

Soooooooooooo, one year and a few weeks later, I finally got around to cleaning and organizing everything in there. Want to know what I learned? Of course you do!

1. The location of that last damn cadburry creme egg I hid at Easter.

I knew it was in there somewhere! Right with the coffee filters, splenda and an empty flask! Duh!

2. That I should ignore the little voice inside of my head that says, "hey, don't you need more aluminium foil?" every time I hit the bulk-warehouse-type stores.
At least until 2015, when I may possibly run out of heavy duty aluminium foil. Maybe.

3. Ditto for honey.

4. I have more gravy boats than I ever thought possible, including one that is shaped like a turkey!

5. Practically speaking, it makes a lot more sense for things that you use often (peanut butter, jelly, bread, etc.) to be located at eye level and within easy reach. Instead of, you know, that toaster oven you bought at a garage sale, thinking it was way better than the one you already had, only to discover that it wasn't, but you can't bring yourself to give away. Put that shit way up top, where you don't have to see it (and be confronted with your own stupidity) daily.

6. Group items together for ease of locating. Paper towels, tissues, and napkins all together. Pots and pans? Together. Small appliances all up top.

Not pictured: spare toaster oven. I said put that shit up high!

7. The sense of satisfaction you get every time you walk into your newly organized pantry is like crack.

Happy Organizing!

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craftyashley said...

That just made my day. Thank you!

Arizaphale said...

Thanks for the heads-up on pantry etiquette. Unfortunately I filled mine with my fabric stash last year. Now I can't find any fabric that I want either. Yours looks pretty awesome though!!