Friday, June 24, 2005


$5 to the first person who can correctly identify Michael Bolton. I will figure you out even if I have to cheat!

Q: Why does Penn Maid cottage cheese taste like ass when Breakstone cottage cheese tastes like creamy wonderful deliciousness? I'm not sure how 2 seemingly identical products can be so different. $5 to anyone who can figure that one out, too. What the hell, $5 for everyone!

Last night, the good Dr. and I went to a presentation about our financial future, brought to you by American Express. The only reason we went was the promise of free food and drinks, followed by a brief 30 minute presentation and then more drinking and carousing. Well, the 30 minute presentation ended up being an hour and 40 minutes, during which they continued to serve drinks. Dear Dr. got a bit tipsy, and began writing notes on napkins, putting them in empty beer bottles, and then asking the waitresses to throw them into the river so that maybe someone would find it and come rescue us. Once all the lecturing was over, he then proceeded to inform the presenters that they were too long-winded. Repeatedly. I kept poking him in the kidney, but he just didn’t get it. Finally, I managed to get him out of there and the rest of the evening was uneventful.

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herpen8 said...

he's the soft-rock genius who set the hearts of many a middle-aged housewife aflutter in the early 90's with such hits as "How Can We Be Lovers," and his magnum opus "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You," that scored a major coup by stealing the Grammy away from Billy Joel. Billy still hasn't gotten over that, as he now drives into trees on Long Island totally sober.

That 5-spot is mine!

bolton said...

damn, i thought that said $50. i was thinking about turning myself in for that.