Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Truth is Stranger than Fiction

The good Dr. snores. A lot. So we employ several devices to help me sleep soundly including breath-right strips for him and ear plug for me. The ear plugs are made of a soft silicone wax and are very effective. Last night I popped in a new pair and drifted off to sleep. Around 3:30am, I woke, however to the sound of snoring. Now occasionally, his snoring will be loud enough to wake me despite the ear plugs, but on this occasion, my right ear plug had just fallen out. I felt around in the bed for it, worried that it might be lodged in my hair, but found nothing. I got a new ear plug and decided that I might as well pee since I was up. As I was peeing, I was kind of feeling my pj’s and hair again to make sure the errant ear plug wasn’t somewhere on my body when I realized something very disturbing. THE EAR PLUG WAS IN MY MOUTH! I am not kidding. I have no idea how this might have happened, as I am not an open-mouthed sleeper. As far as I can imagine, I must have put it in my mouth in a sleep induced state of insanity. It was tucked in between my cheek and gums like a piece of juicy fruit! When I got up for real, I thought to myself ‘Wow. What a weird dream!’ Until I went into the bathroom and saw, in the trash can, my discarded ear plug with an impression of my molars in it!

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bolton said...

it's good you wear earplugs then. maybe they're preventing you from otherwise eating ear wax in your sleep.

Lou Lou said...

Wow, that is very interesting darling. I think that I would have laughed a lot but felt odd about it all day. Hopefully, the terror ceased - you just have a special relationship with that earplug, thats all.