Monday, June 13, 2005

Jesus Christ Almighty

Can you believe that Michael Jackson is not guilty on all counts??? I’m not sure how I feel about that. Hopefully now he can just disappear into obscurity and we can all remember him as the cute young dancin’ man from the Beat It video.

So I haven’t told Dr. SOB yet that I started this blog. I can’t decide if he’d think it was cool or if he’d think it was lame. I actually discussed the name of this blog with him without being clear what it was for. I think I’m worried that he might try and put the kibosh on some things (his crazy family) I would like to write about, a la
Suburban Bliss. Like how his grandmother has expired coupons under her table cloth and she won’t let anyone throw them away. Or how his father won’t speak to him on his second wife’s instructions. Maybe he’s afraid I’ll talk about how there is a bench warrant out on his little brother! I’ll probably tell him eventually, but I guess I’m waiting to see how serious I get about this.

I think I’m going to cave and take a
pregnancy test tomorrow morning. I promised myself I would wait until Wednesday, but I am a weak, weak woman…I’ll keep you all posted.

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