Monday, June 13, 2005

One of many reasons I kind of blow

So I decided to change the name of this blog. Why, you ask? Well, my friend Brendan (hi Brendan) asked me if I had a clever and witty blog name and I realized, as I gave him the lengthy explanation of the name to him, that I HATED it. I figure that if I was embarassed to tell the name of the blog to him (and he's pretty funny) then it might suck. A lot. Then later I told Dr. SOB about it and he had the exact same reaction. Hence, the new name. SOB wanted me to inclue either the word 'tampon' or 'plenty' in the title. He's pretty weird. Also, the new name has no real signifigance (except for the fact that I love cheese and a cheese party is my idea of heaven), so if there are any suggestions I'm open to them.

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