Thursday, June 16, 2005

Pants Update

FYI, there was no ruination of pants yesterday, thank god!

My dear sweet darling cousin Laura Elizabeth is coming to visit soon! I can hardly wait to see her!

This is me and Laura Lew last Thanksgiving. She is moving here to Philly in December, which is great but tragic because I will be leaving Philly next June! You see Dr. SOB will be finishing his residency in June of 2006 and we will be moving to where ever he gets a fellowship. Possibilities include San Jose, CA, Pittsburgh, PA, Atlanta, GA, Gainesville, FL and maybe Raleigh-Durham, NC. So this is a big year coming up. I am game for about 3/4 of those possibilities. So he'll be interviewing a lot over the summer and making some decisions by the fall.

Sorry this wasn't really a funny post. Maybe I'll throw a little toliet humor in here at the end for a cheap laugh...crap...pee pee...poop!Posted by Hello

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