Wednesday, June 15, 2005

God Save My Pants!

In just a few tiny minutes, a stranger is coming to my house to play guitar and I am scared. I am not scared because he is a stranger, but because while he plays guitar, I will have to sing and when I sing in front of an individual or small group, I spontaneously shit my pants. I am singing at my friends’ Carrie (of the recent birthday) and Marcello’s wedding in August and I am rehearsing with their friend Pete who will accompany me. (Carrie and Marcello please do not worry. I will not shit my pants or dress even at your wedding as there will be hundreds of people there and they will mostly be paying attention to the two of you.) We are rehearsing so early for two reasons:1) I am a crazy person and when I have to ‘perform’ I become neurotic and develop an annoying habit of demanding perfection of myself, and 2) Pete is moving to Chicago this weekend and therefore is incredibly lucky that he won’t have to endure much of me in my #1 phase. So if you don’t hear from me again, either stranger Pete chopped me up and ate me or I died from embarrassment from shitting my pants in front of a total stranger.

Random fun fact of the day time! Brendan and I were discussing the
Garden State soundtrack the other day. If you haven’t given it a listen yet, I suggest you do. If you’re white and in your 20’s, I think it might be required by law, actually. Anyway, one of the featured artists is a band called Frou Frou, which Brendan informed me is a French onomatopoeia for the sound of two pieces of silk rubbing together. So there you go!

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