Monday, July 25, 2005

Mustard Pots and Other German Jargon

Last night we had dinner with some friends. Giuseppe is from Italy via Brooklyn and Doerta is simply from Germany. Occasionally she shares tidbits of Germany with us, much to our delight! Over dinner last night we were discussing a friend who had recently moved in with her boyfriend. The girl has some concerns about telling her family, and Doerta said “It’s not like she’s a mustard pot.” Since Doerta has lived in the US for several years, I was pretty sure she knew what she was saying and therefore I was baffled. She went on to explain that ‘mustard pot’ is German slang for slut. When you eat a sausage, usually you first dip it in some mustard from a small pot. If a young lady has had a few too many sausages dipped into her, she is then labeled a mustard pot. She also shared that the word muschi is German for pussy, as in cat, but that it can also be used as naughty slang for girl parts, just as its English counterpart. As I’ve always said, it is essential to broaden one’s horizons in respect to other cultures. Consider yourself enlightened.

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