Sunday, August 21, 2005

Happy Birthday Katie!

I would like to wish my dear friend Katie a Happy 26th Birthday! Here are some fun facts about Katie:

1. She is both an American citizen and an Australian citizen.
2. She currently resides in LA, despite being born and bread in NYC. (are you sensing the dichotomy?)
3. My brother thinks she is totally hot! And he's right.

4. When she speaks, many of her sentencess seem to end in a silent 'Fuck you'
5. She has a tendency to make unusual faces while being photographed. See below.

6. She is one of my dearest friends, and even though we are often separated by time and distance on her birthday, I'm sure she knows that I always think of her on her birthday and all days and send happy wishes her way.

Have a great day, Katie!

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1 comment:

bolton said...

happy birthday, girl who makes weird faces in pictures.