Thursday, September 08, 2005

As long as my babies don’t pronounce ‘ten’ as ‘tee-in’ then it’s ok if they say ‘ya’ll’

It looks like we will be heading to the Deep South come summertime 2006. Dr. SOB had his interview at Emory University Hospital on Tuesday, and things went very well. He still has an interview at Pitt (boo!) on Monday and another at Duke next Friday, but all signs are currently pointing to Falcons territory and the home of Coca-Cola. Pitt is low on our list because we think it would suck an A-hole to live there, and Duke is really big on research, which Dr. likes but doesn’t love. But it’s all about the benjamins, baby. Wherever offers the highest pay for the easiest lifestyle is where we will ultimately end up for next year. It’s an interesting but somewhat stressful time for us, and I am a swinging door of hormones and whatnot, so it’s been fun!

And speaking of the Falcons, the real NFL season starts tonight! I joined a fantasy football league this year. I’m probably going to get trounced, but I think it’ll be fun. I don’t really know much about the ‘other’ teams, besides the E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES! and the Steelers, so I am using this fantasy football thingy as a learning tool. Any advice is welcomed, and if it leads to me winning the big bucks, maybe I’ll throw a few in your direction.

Tomorrow I go to the OB’s to get the big ‘is my baby retarded?’ test. It can identify neural tube defects, chromosomal abnormalities like downs, and spina bifida. It’s a teeny bit scary, but I think I’ll manage. Also I’ll be scheduling my detailed ultrasound, which is where the can identify the baby’s little tiny girl or boy junk. Yay!

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herpen8 said...

1) Don't...DON'T pick Ben Roethlisberger as your QB. He's got sophomore slump written all over him.
I'm not bitter that the Stillers beat the Eagles last year or nuthin'.

2) DO...try to pick running backs, fullbacks, and members of the secondary (safeties, cornerbacks) who are successful but durable.

3) If you're fantasy team and league uses real NFL schedules as templates for the season, avoid picking players from teams on the schedule. (for instance, if you have Hines Ward for a receiver and Ray Lewis at linebacker, and Hines catches 10 balls for 200 yards and 2 TD's before Lewis puts him out for the year with a great hit, that puts you out a great receiver at the expense of a higher rating for your linebacker)
All bets are off if the selections and/or skeds are random, though.

4) DON'T overanalyze. Guts and hunches and blind luck are just as important to winning the pot as someone who knows a lot from watching every round of the NFL draft. Besides, it's always more fun to thumb your nose at a fantasy snob who goes 2 and 14 with his "expert" knowledge.

Amy Jo said...

Thanks, thanks a lot! By not using Roethlisberger, I lost 20 f-ing points!

herpen8 said...

well, jeez...i didn't tell you to pick daunte "one trick" culpepper! even i'd use big ben before ol' number 11.

given the circumstances, you'd obviously be better off using ben as starter.