Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween: Evil Eye Edition

Do you like my Halloween costume? I'm scary bloody eye girl! I managed to go to work today, which in hind sight was a mistake. See, despite the fact that I was no longer producing vomit, I am suffering from all the after effects of copious spewing. My stomach muscles are sore, my eye is a crime scene, my throat has been ravaged by all the acid and bile traveling through it, and I am just plain exhausted. I left early, but I suffered every moment I was there. Although, there was one fun thing at work today that kept me going. There were several people who I could tell were either grossed out or just uncomfortable looking at my face, and I would seek them out for conversation and make the most unwavering eye contact with them, just waiting for them to flinch. Now I'm just waiting for some little kids to ring my bell for trick-or-treat so I can scare the holy living crap out of them!

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Anonymous said...

That is seriously gross!!! How long will it last?!!!---Tori your loving Siester

herpen8 said...