Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Household Tips

If you ever need to know the lowest point of the floor in your kitchen, just follow these 5 easy steps!

1. Go to grocer and buy a gallon of milk
2. Take milk home and place it on the counter, as close to the edge as possible
3. Walk out of the room long enough for cats/kids/evil monkeys to jump on counter to investigate groceries
4. As soon as you hear a 'thud-woosh' sound, return to find a gallon of milk exploded on the floor
5. Wait 3-4 seconds for the milk to pool on the lowest point of the floor

Hope you found that helpful. Check in next week for tips on how to get sour milk smell out of your kitchen floor!

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1 comment:

super des said...

You give the best tips! Where do you get your ideas?