Sunday, October 23, 2005

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Dr. SOB is leaving today for a trip to Atlanta, where he will get everything for free. There is an anesthesia machine that he uses on the daily, and he spotted a defect which could be potentially dangerous to both patients and OR staff, 'cause when it breaks, anesthesia gas leaks into the room. So the patient doesn't get enough and the doctors and nurses end up getting a little too much! Anyway, he made this snazzy poster and is presenting it at a conference, and gets free dinner at Morton's and a tote bag and all this other crap, too! I also am tasking him to go look at a few apartments while he's down there, what the heck? The one major thing that sucks is that I have to drive him to the airport during the f-ing Eagles game! Douche!

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