Monday, October 24, 2005


Wishing I had something interesting to say or write about. I am, at my core, a truly boring person! Gee, why not put up a weblog detailing how brutally boring I really am? Right now, Dr. SOB is in Atlanta getting free dry aged steaks and scotches galore while sitting on the top floor of the tallest building in town. I have been in my pj's since 5:30 and I re-heated Saturday's leftover meatballs for diner for the second day in a row. By the way, I should have really photographed these meatballs. They were not only delicious, but they were also quite large! They were bigger than a baseball, but not a big as a softball. What type of ball is betwixt a baseball and softball in size? Perhaps someone out there (Bob?) might know the answer.

In fetal development news, the fucker is getting huge! His kicking is now so strong, that I can visually see it. As opposed to auditorily seeing it, that is. While all of this is truly remarkable, there are some issues with housing a being so large inside the peritoneal cavity. 1) There is little room for organs vital to life. What little room is left is being compacted with lungs/liver/kidney in such a way that makes pain. 2) Because of all the room occupied by vital organs, there is no room for food. I venture that this is how people who get gastric bypass must feel to some extent. If I eat anything more than a few bites of food, I get the sensation that I am going to explode, and it doesn't go away for several hours. See above about the giant meatballs, and then you might understand how I am feeling.

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