Friday, December 23, 2005

All Warm and Fuzzy Inside...with Rage!

If you recall, Dr. SOB got me a notebook from Dell, which was supposed to be my Christmas present. The Dr. is a very cautious man, and so instead of having the computer shipped directly to our house where it would be dropped off in the hallway for any passing hooligan to steal, he arranged to have it shipped to our local post office. The company Dell uses for these kinds of services is called APX. A few weeks went by, and we received a shipment confirmation number and tracking number, which we monitored closely. Once the package arrived at the post office, he went to pick it up. On Wednesday, they hadn't unloaded the pallet it had arrived on because of the holiday rush. No big deal, though, he would just come back Thursday and everything should be copacetic. Except that the people at APX are a bunch of crooks. The way the post office folks explained it, this crack-pot company tracks packages in bunches, not by individual boxes. So at APX, fellas in the know see a box that they think might be valuable and slap a new address label on it and it get re-routed directly to their home. Our tracking number was for a group of 40 boxes, but when it arrived at the P.O. there were only 36 boxes. Apparently, this happens so often that the federal government is ending all business relationships with them in 2006, and they have been fined several times by the feds for this. When we called Dell, they said they would call us back within 4 hours and we never heard back from them. Oh and apparently we aren't the only ones. Merry fucking Christmas, ass-hats.

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